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The U.S.A and world cannot wait. Republicans, Democrats and Editorial Boards must stand up for America and

call for Trump Resign.

We must ask them and support them to do so. 

There is no hope for a Federal Government response to address COVID19 with Trump as the Chief Executive of the United State.

Trump is incompetent in managing the COVID19 and economic crises. 

Trump lies are killing people and making the pandemic worse. 

Trump has made it clear he will cheat to win and not accept the results of the November 3, 2020 election - which will create chaos and further degradation of America. 

Trump is unfit. 

Trump is a liar.

Trump is a racist.

Trump is corrupt.

Trump is an extortionist.

Trump is corroding the U.S. Government.

The much of the damage he is inflicting is permanent.

Trump allows for the assassination of American soldiers by Russia.

By people not calling for him to resign - he is emboldened to commit more crimes. 

People not calling for Trump to resign are unaware of urgent issues that require a functional President, unaware of the risk he poses daily and to the 2020 election or are themselves too privileged as to be sufficiently insulated from the harm poses and threats he makes.

Editorial Boards must call on Trump to Resign as they are the "Guardians of Truth". Trump attacks science, language and is disrupting American's information space - it is time to defend journalism, rational thought and truth.

Those people who say "vote him out in November" enable him, give him the opportunity for worse harm and give him the possibility of re-election or "breaking" the election.

Trump serves as at the "pleasure" of his Republican Party (who if pressured to do so by popular demand) can:

1) refuse to support Donald Trump and his agenda

2) threaten/leverage this to pressure him to resign

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 6.42.04 AM.png

Yet somehow there’s no drumbeat of calls for the president’s resignation. People seem to feel too helpless. Protesters can make demands of governors and mayors, especially Democratic ones, because at the local level small-d democratic accountability still exists. Nationally such responsiveness is gone; no one expects the president to do his job, or to be held to account when he doesn’t. That’s how you know the country was broken before coronavirus ever arrived.

This suffering, your suffering, wasn’t inevitable. The coronavirus is a natural disaster. The Republican Party’s death-cult fealty to Trump is wholly man-made.

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