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How to help the

"Trump Resign" movement​

Print and share our "How to make Trump Resign Guide

Step 1 - Sign our petition at the bottom of our Homepage HERE


Step 2 - Take the #TrumpResignChallenge Email/text/DM/challenge people you know friends, family and folks you follow on Social Media to take a stand and take the "Trump Resign Challenge". 

-Trump needs to Resign because: [Your reason]

-Tag one friend

-Tag one influencer/famous person 

-Tag two politicians (one Republican and one Democrat)

To take the challenge








Step 3 - Call, write and email your local newspaper Columnists and Editorial Boards asking them to take a stance and for Trump to Resign

[list of newspapers HERE] IF contacting Columnists and Editorial boards ask them:

Have you ever called for an elected official to resign?

Do think Trump is fit to continue to lead this country out of a pandemic and economic collapse?

Advise them they do not call on Trump to resign all future calls for resignation will sound hollow.

Where to they stand on the U.S. Constitution being upheld by the President?

List of sample calls for impeachment of Trump HERE

Step 4 - Call and insist that elected officials stand up for America now and

call for Trump to Resign. Ask Democrats and Republicans and all your elected officials to take a stand on record in the setting of ongoing Trump-made catastrophes. Find your elected officials HERE.

Use our Seven #TrumpResignChallenge Questions: 

Q1: Do you think Trump should resign? (If yes - say so publicly!) 

Q2: Do you think Trump is fit for office?

Q3: If the election were today do you think Trump deserves to be re-elected?

Q4: Is there someone/group that could pressure Trump to resign?

Q5 What do you think are the leadership qualities he has demonstrated to effectively lead the U.S.A through the COVID19, economic and Civil Rights crises in 2020? Would you trust him with your or your families life?

Q6: Are you a role model or in a position of privilege and do they have an obligation to speak for the voiceless and marginalized who will die, lose their homes and jobs while Trump is in power?

Q7: If Trump is re-elected or sabotages the November election will you regret not having called for him to resign?

Step 5 - Write Op-Eds, blog posts or emails blasts specifically why you think Trump must Resign and why and who needs to take a stand - and share that widely [tips on writing an Op-Ed HERE]

Step 6 - Demonstrate, protest show where you stand. Be visible in your calls for Trump to Resign. Sample window/protest sign HERE.

FOUR Steps

Sign the petition, share our video

Ask others - #TrumpResignChallenge friends, famous folks

Newspaper columnists and editorial boards and OpEds/Blogs

Elected officials  (Republicans and Democrats) "where do they stand?"

*Please help us keep track of organizations, Editorial Boards, influencers or politicians calling for Trump to Resign by sending us info when one of the calls for Trump to Resign - for our growing catalog submission form HERE

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