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Who has called for Trump to Resign ?

Boston Globe MC
CT Post
Chris Hayes
Peggy Noonan
Maine Press H
Christianity Today

Where do you stand?

Trump is a dangerous predator on our democracy and obstructionist to formulating the necessary Federal strategy to manage the COVID19 and economic crises. Editorial Boards and columnists have called for Trump to resign. Read and hear their words and reasons - add your own to this movement!

Editorial Boards with Courage 

Maine Press Herald Editorial Board June 5, 2020 HERE

Los Angeles Times Editorial Board January 31, 2020 HERE

Christianity Today Mark Galli Editor in Chief December 19, 2019 HERE

Connecticut Post Editorial Board September 27, 2019 HERE

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board September 25, 2019 HERE

Groups / Organizations with Courage 

The Lincoln Project July 30, 2020 HERE

Movement for Black Lives June 21, 2020 HERE & Patrisse Cullors HERE

Columnists / Pundits / Politicians / Patriots with Courage

Timothy Eagan NY Times July 31, 2020 HERE

Mary Trump ABC News July 15, 2020 HERE

Michelle Goldberg NY Times July 12, 2020 HERE

Will Bunch The Philadelphia Inquirer July 12, 2020 HERE

Joseph Wyatt Charleston Gazette-Mail July 7, 2020 HERE

Chris Hayes MSNBC June 26, 2020 HERE

Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal June 4, 2020 HERE

Joe Lockhart May 22, 2020 HERE

Howard Stern April 27, 2020 Sirius Radio HERE

Michael A. Cohen April 25, 2020 Boston Globe HERE

Governor Bill Weld April 24, 2019 The Bulwark HERE

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand December 11, 2017 HERE

Senator Corey Booker December 11, 2017 HERE

Vice President Al Gore August 17, 2017 HERE text HERE

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