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All patriotic Americans - Republicans, Democrats, and Editorial Boards need to stand up and publicly call for Donald Trump to resign the Presidency of the United States!

Donald J. Trump is a failure and increasing danger. He has proven himself unfit to be President of the United State of America any longer. The Presidency of the United States is not a "lame duck" position in the time of existential crisis he does not deserve to finish his term. He continues to harm America - and through his negligence deaths of Americans - through the vacuum of leadership he creates as President. He must be made to resign in the best interests of the Nation and the World. He cannot be trusted to protect and unify this Nation in our current crises of COVID-19, societal change and coming economic collapse. He has shown himself to be incompetent, a danger to Americans, unable to protect our Troops, an embarrassment on the international stage, immeasurably corrupt, and endlessly selling out the future of America for his own reward while cheating to win the November 2020 election.

Americans must demand the Donald Trump be forced to resign by his party and a coordinated movement. We cannot afford to wait until January 21, 2021 for a change in leadership. We are a Nation in crisis - Presidential leadership is needed now! Donald Trump has failed.

Trump is sowing the seeds to sabotage the election and legitimacy of the election for his own gain. We must not allow him to benefit from the chaos of a contested or "broken" election. 

In the setting of injustice and silence and apathy are complicity. Everyone must be made to declare where he/she/they stand: on the side of justice, honor and patriotism - or silence and complicity in enabling continuation of his Presidency. 

In our history Americans, editorial boards and politicians have demanded unfit leaders resign. in 1974 - President Richard Nixon was pressured to resign for the good of the Nation and so the Nation could heal and move forward - that time is now. It being an "election year" does not preclude standing up for the righteous call for Trump to resign - especially as he is an immediate threat to the Nation given his profound inability to develop a Federal strategy to manage the COVID19 pandemic and his stated goals of undermining the November 2020 elections. 

Common Question:

Donald Trump will never resign, why bother? Answer: Donald Trump is not the audience for this movement directly. It is those who can pressure and hold him accountable and who by not doing so ENABLE him; it is to hold enablers accountable It is also to support those who stand up and be heard and know they are not alone.  He can threatened with the rule of Law and the will of the people and can be pressured and threatened to have his agenda and powers reduced by the US House and Senate. 

Why haven't people been calling for Trump to resign? Answer: People have have been. Especially Black and Brown people. Unfortunately their calls are not amplified by entrenched media. As an example, note that pundits wondering why people have themselves (white establishment media) not been calling for Trump to resign have not amplified or acknowledged the calls of Black and Brown people.

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